Plastics & Allied Goods

APV has coating solutions for virtually any rigid plastic product or component. Custom formulated based on performance requirements, industry specifications and substrate, APV will engineer a product and accommodate existing production processes and equipment.

Products for the Plastics & Allied Goods Industry:

Film Bonding Primer

APV’s film bonding primer is ideal for adhering various types of polymer films to other substrates. The primer conditions and pre-treats the substrate in order to provide a consistent film with excellent cohesive properties. The product bonds well to metal, paper, as well as a variety of flexible fabrics and polymers.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

Our anti-graffiti coating for flexible substrates is engineered specifically for the upholstery industry. It is a highly flexible coating that effectively resists common stains and markings including ball point pens, Sharpie® markers and other permanent markers. Our anti-graffiti for hard substrates coating has exceptional gloss retention and chemical resistance, and is extremely resistant to chipping and marring.

TPO PrimeKote

APV offers a full line of high performance primers and basecoats for various TPO (olefins, plastics, polyolefin, and polyethylene) materials. TPO PrimeKote is engineered for many applications including injection molded siding, decking, fencing, various roofing materials and others.


KAPGUARD? with Kynar? is a factory-applied, high-performance protective coating for composite exterior building products. This architectural coating is formulated with Kynar? PVDF resin, a tough thermoplastic polymer resin, which helps provide superior protection in harsh thermal, chemical and UV environments. KAPGUARD? offers bold and rich colors that don’t fade and degrade like traditional building products and paints

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