Inside Tire

CATEGORY: Lubricants

APV’s inside tire lubricants are specifically formulated to provide excellent release from a tire mold while promoting rubber flow and air bleed. Our tire lubricants are available in solvent-based or water-based formulations. APV also offers both reactive and non-reactive lubricants to meet your requirements.

Our water-based, mica-free inside lubricant will turn clear after curing. This lubricant provides superior air bleed and flow.

  • Solvent-Based or Water-Based
  • Reactive or Nonreactive
  • Silicone-Based or Silicone-Free
  • Mica-Based or Mica-Free
  • Remains Clear After Curing
  • Non-Hydrogenating
  • Non-Reflective
  • Zero or Low VOC Options

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