Mold Release

PRODUCT CODE: Q-0020 and Q-0080
CATEGORY: Lubricants

Mold release lubricants are typically applied directly to a mold used to cure rubber parts in tire manufacturing. Formulations are available in curable or non-curable chemistries. Based on your application, choose curable (Q-0020) for a semi-permanent coating or non-curable (Q-0080) for use as a multi-release mold lubricant.

These lubricants have exceptional non-stick properties. They also improve the rubber flow of the part, as well as prevent lights or non-fills.

  • Applied Directly To The Mold
  • Improves Rubber Flow
  • Excellent Anti-Stick Properties
  • Prevents Lights or Non-Fills
  • Can Be Reused For Multiple Releases

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